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Pamela Mingo

Pamela Mingo was born in Toronto, and lived in Calgary before settling in her hometown. She studied art at York University. There, she received a BFA and was awarded a scholarship to study painting at the Banff School of Fine Arts. Pam's passion for creating art has been with her for as long as she can remember and artistic endeavour has been at the heart of her life. She has worked as a courtroom artist for a Toronto television station and has designed numerous sets for television and theatre. She has had shows in Montreal and Toronto and participated in events such as the One of a Kind Art Show and Riverdale Art Walk. Pam's eclectic range and resulting creations emanate from her transcend­ent feel and grasp for harmonizing nature, its creations, evolving culture and contemporary society into fl.owing art appealing to the imagination and senses. Pam's latest exhibition, "Leviathan", launched her dramatic new series of whale paintings to her legions of fans and many new supporters.



 Paintings Title Dimension
Elvis 96cm * 62cm

The Mighty Porcupine

96cm * 62cm
Home Heat Home 74cm * 75cm
Winning By a Hare

60cm * 58cm

Perhaps I'm Stronger Than I Think

44cm * 35cm
Of Whales and Fantasies 115cm * 58cm
When World Collide 58cm* 58cm
Red City Rose 118cm * 114cm
Midnight Garden 116cm * 74cm
God Creted the Great Whales 90cm * 87cm
Nuclear Rose 115cm * 90cm
A Flat Iron Night 88cm * 35cm

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